3 Boerboel Colors & 2 Markings: Get To Know This Dog’s Coat

Black Boerboel

Boerboel is quite a powerful and intimidating dog, and the black color emphasizes these character traits of the Boerboel breed even more.

Brindle Boerboel

The brindle is a quite rare diamond in the world of Boerboel dogs, and it is very much appreciated among Boerboel lovers.

Red Boerboel

It is possible to see a Boerboel in dark mahogany color. There are also light chestnut red Boerboels.

White Markings

White markings in the Boerboel are recognized by the AKC, but they must not occupy more than 1/3 of the dog’s total fur.

Black Mask

Black color on parts of the Boerboel dog’s head or on the whole head makes the dog look like it has a black mask.