13 Unique Mixed Dog Breeds That Have Everything You Love

Augi (Australian Shepherd X Corgi)

The Augi is a very clever little pooch that loves quality playtime and training. It will want to spend every second with you.

Cavapoochon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels X Bichon Frise X Poodle)

Combining three beautiful small dog breeds results in a fancy small-sized fluff ball that’s called the Cavapoochon. This is one extremely loyal, playful, and super energetic pooch!

Chiweenie (Chihuahua X Dachshund)

The Chiweenie is a small dog that insists on its owner’s attention and dedication. In return, this pooch delivers lots of kisses and cuddles!

Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd X Poodle)

Besides their curly coats and mesmerizing looks, Aussiedoodles are affectionate pooches with high energy levels.

Chow Pei (Chow Chow X Shar-Pei)

Chow Pei dogs inherit the best of both worlds! They make great family dogs and love to be in the center of attention.

Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd X Siberian Husky)

The Gerberian Shepsky is a great combination of a sled dog and a hard-working service dog.

Pittmaraner (Pitbull and Weimaraner)

The Pittmaraner tends to be more on the goofy side, but it is a very clever pup with lots of affection towards its owner.

Great Danesky (Siberian Husky and Great Dane)

The Great Danesky is a muscular and elegant designer dog that will leave you speechless!

Saint Berdoodle (Saint Bernard X Poodle)

This designer dog defines affection, loyalty, and gentleness. Saint Berdoodles are large dogs that stand up to 30 inches at withers.

Sprocker Spaniel (English Springer Spaniel X Cocker Spaniel)

The Sprocker Spaniel crossbreed is very energetic and trainable, that is perfect for active families.

Saint Pyrenees (Saint Bernard X Great Pyrenees)

Saint Pyrenees puppies are affectionate gentle giants that enjoy spending their time with youngsters.

Corso Bullmastiff (Cane Corso X Bullmastiff)

Despite its large size and intimidating looks, the Corso Bullmastiff is a lovely family dog with lots of cuddles to give!

Affenpoo (Affenpinscher X Poodle)

The Affenpoo is a wonderful small dog crossbreed with a quirky personality. It loves its human pack and most of all its owner.