13 Redneck Dog Names For That Dopey Dog Of Yours


1. Nugget

A name with a taste for a yellow-colored dog.

2. Sugar

Because your pooch is sweeter than sugar!

3. Okra

Every dog park is better with a dog named Okra in it.

4. Biscuits

Obviously, this is a name for a dog duo.

5. Cobbler

A sweet name for a golden/yellow colored dog.

6. Cajun

Maybe a red-coated dog would enjoy the name Cajun?

7. Bacon

Everyone loves bacon in the morning, and if your dog does too!

8. Shortcake

A name for a small, short dog, obviously.

9. Tater Tot

Tater Tot is a great name for your small, yellow dog.

10. Hoyt

A good dog name for someone that likes the work of a folk singer Hoyt Axton.

11. Rufus

Pretty much any redneck gives his dog the name Rufus.

12. Dimple

Dogy may not have dimples, but your little pup is as sweet as a dimple!

13. Lovetta

This redneck dog name has a simple meaning: a dog that’s loved.