11 Indian Dog Breeds That Will Surprise You


1. Kombai

These dogs are known to be very reserved around strangers, and extremely territorial towards other dogs.

2. Chippiparai

This breed is known to frequently imprint on one person, and then devote the rest of their life to that individual.

3. Rampur Greyhound

Sleek, muscular, elegant, and extremely athletic — the Rampur Greyhound is one of the fastest native dogs from India.

4. Rajapalayam

The striking Rajapalayam dog will leave you breathless! This white to cream-colored sighthound is, well… a rare sight to see!

5. Mudhol Hound

Besides being an extremely fast dog, the Mudhol Hound is a loyal canine companion that loves to interact with its family members.

6. Gaddi Kutta

The Gaddi Kutta is a remarkably large dog, with a muscular body that is built for power and endurance.

7. Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz is always alert and it makes sure its owner knows when something is not right.

8. Indian Pariah Dog

Their high energy levels, followed by their attentive nature, make INdogs excellent watchdogs.

9. Bakharwal

Besides its original breeding purpose and strong work ethics, the Bakharwal dog is a gentle giant!

10. Gull Terrier

Gull Terriers  are very intelligent and alert, which makes training sessions relatively easy.

11. Mahratta Greyhound

The Mahratta is a rare Indian dog breed that is compact, well-muscled, deep-seated, and strong-backed.