11 Signs A Dog Is Going Into Labor Soon

Mammary Glands Become Larger

Dogs that are about to give birth for the first time leak milk a few days longer, while other dogs start leaking milk a day or two before giving birth.

Body Temperature Changes

When you record a decrease in the pregnant dog’s temperature, it is very likely that labor will begin within a few hours.

No Interest in Food

In some cases, the dog may also refuse water.

Breathing Hard And Shivering

The dog is in great pain in those moments, and she tries to overcome it somehow.

Vulva Is Swallowed

The dog will probably lick her swollen vulva and her genitals as well in an attempt to decrease her pain.

Belly Has Dropped

This happens because the puppies are getting ready for birth, and they are positioned lower in the birth canal.

Throwing Up

In addition, a large bowel movement is something that is noticed in many dogs just a few hours before the whelping.

Uterine Contractions

Contractions are often accompanied by panting and howling of the dog.

Nesting Behavior

You will notice that your dog is looking for a safe and quiet place to choose for her delivery.

Feeling Anxious

You can notice the great nervousness present in them, which manifests itself in whining or howling.

Seeking Solitude

They want to see this period through to the end on their own, and they do not show that they need your help.