Shar Pei Mixes: 11 Hybrid Pups That Will Melt Your Heart

Shih Tzus are generally good with children, but their cross with Shar Peis might become easily irritated by kids.

1. Shar-Tzu (Shih Tzu)

Golden-Peis are mixed-breed canines that are better guardians than Golden Retrievers but also better family pets than Shar Peis.

2. Golden-Pei (Golden Retriever)

Staffordshire Bulls are known to be very affectionate and loyal furry companions that possess a high level of intelligence.

3. Staffy Bull-Pei (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

These pups will derive their cleverness from the Shar Pei and their devoted and kind nature from the Boxer.

4. Box-a-Shar (Boxer)

The Sharberian Husky  will be a blessing for dog owners who love to spend time outside, enjoying activities such as hiking and running.

5. Sharberian Husky (Siberian Husky)

The Frenchie-Pei is very intelligent and tremendously eager to please its owner due to the mix of the two breeds that were used to create it.

6. Frenchie-Pei (French Bulldog)

A Lab-Pei will be as friendly as a Lab parent, but they might show the Shar Pei’s stubbornness in certain situations.

7.Lab-Pei (Labrador)

These are devoted dogs, but if they do not get enough exercise, they may become rowdy and destructive.

8. Shar-Akita (Akita)

The Weim-Pei is a sturdy hybrid that has a strong stature and great work ethics. You can't go wrong with this one!

9. Weim-Pei (Weimaraner)

The Sharmatian breed is known for being a clever and energetic canine that forms deep ties with one or two members of the family.

10. Sharmatian (Dalmatian)

Bull Peis are generally outgoing and lively canines who become excited when they encounter new people.

11. Bull Pei (Bulldog)