11 Low-Maintenance Dogs for  First-Time Owners

The Basset Hound is an extremely calm and patient dog that adores people. He is very easy-going, so he's a great choice if you've never owned dogs before!

Basset Hound

This dog is extremely sociable, so it will get along well with children, other dogs, and even cats! Moreover, the Beagle loves being part of a big family and all the activities in which his family is involved.


After appropriate training and early socialization, the Bichon Frise is fine with spending some time alone. These pups are very lively, and they love to be part of a family!

Bichon Frise

The Border Terrier is a fairly easy breed of dog to maintain. The only thing to watch out for is this dog’s tendency to dig.

Border Terrier

Although it may seem that this dog wants to assert himself as dominant, he is actually a gentle soul that loves to receive attention from his owner. Just don't forget proper dog training!

Brussels Griffon

With proper upbringing, a Chihuahua can become an excellent pet that is very easy to care for. Just show your Chihuahua who is the boss in the house right from the start!


There is no house or family in which the irresistible French Bulldog could not fit. These pups are quiet, calm, almost non-shedding, and very friendly. Not to mention entirely adorable!

French Bulldog

The German Shepherd is very smart and obedient, while also being friendly and kind. This is a perfect combination for a first-time pet owner.

German Shepherd

Besides being incredibly cute, these dogs are obedient and loyal, and adore their family. They are easy to train, they are not aggressive, and with early socialization, they will get along well with other animals.

Golden Retriever

Maltese do not shed much, and are considered a hypoallergenic dog. They develop a strong bond with their owners.


Shih Tzu is suitable for living in an apartment, and it gets along well with children. He is very tolerant, and easily becomes the best friend of children.

Shih Tzu