Meet The 11 Cutest Pug Mixes That You’re Going To Love

1. Silky Pug  (Pug X Silky Terrier)

Silky Pugs are very enthusiastic about playing around and running outside.

2. Ori-Pei (Pug X Chinese Shar-Pei)

They might be a bit large, but that won’t stop these big pups from coming and sitting on you every time they get the chance!

3. Schnug (Pug X Miniature Schnauzer)

Schnugs are known to be playful pups that never rest; therefore, prepare yourself for a lot of action!

4. Pug-Coton  (Pug X Coton de Tulear)

This type of crossbreed is a good option for dog owners who prefer mild-tempered pups!

5. AffenPug  (Pug X Affenpinscher(

This crossbreed takes the best out of both breeds in terms of both temperament and physical appearance.

6. Pug Shiba  (Pug X Shiba Inu)

When you put these two together, you’ll get an affectionate pup that has a high energy level.

7. Tibetan Pug  (Pug X Tibetan Mastiff)

These puppies are both tiny and adorable, so it’s no surprise that they adore being lap dogs.

8. Puganese (Pug X Pekingese)

In spite of their small size, though, these dogs are fiercely protective of their family.

9. Porgi  (Pug X Corgi)

These pups might be short, but they’re very sturdy and powerful. They flourish when they are active!

10. Pugairn  (Pug X Cairn Terrier)

These pups might not be as energetic as Cairns, but they aren’t lazy by any means.

11. Pug-A-Mo (Pug X American Eskimo Dog)

This mixed-breed inherits both the watchdog instincts and the affectionate nature of its parent breeds.