11 French Bulldog Colors That Will Blow Your Mind


Brindle is an adorable color, a mix of brown, tan, black, and gold fur, sometimes they also have white patches and a white chest.


Cream French Bulldog is an eggshell- colored Frenchie that is sometimes mistaken for a white French Bulldog.


Most of the fawn Frenchies have a black muzzle, patches of white on their coat, and a white chest.


Pied French Bulldog is a white frenchie that has patches of brindle or fawn. People call this variant, which is all white, a Platinum Frenchie.


The Merle gene causes mottled markings of color instead of the Frenchie’s regular color.


Isabella Frenchies are the most difficult to find. They are surely one of the most expensive Frenchies out there.

Black And White

Black and white French Bulldogs are almost completely black, just like the black Frenchie, but they have a few white patches.


The blue fawn Frenchie is a fawn color but has the dilution gene, they don’t look blue at all, but they can make blue puppies.


Tan Frenchies are known for their golden coats. Many people confuse them with fawn Frenchies but they have reddish coats.

Blue And Tan

The black and tan French Bulldog is almost all black, but their small amount of tan markings sets them apart.


Chocolate French Bulldogs tend to have lighter eyes, such as green, golden, brown, and bright yellow, wonderful, isn’t it?