Blue Heeler Mixes: 11 Adorable Pups You Need To See

1. Border Heeler (Border Collie)

This pup combines the intellect and guarding skills of the Border Collie with the ferocious loyalty and defensive instincts of the Blue Heeler.

2. Blue Cadoodle (Poodle)

If you go for a Cadoodle, you’ll get a canine with amazing intellectual abilities, which enables owners to train them easily.

3. Texas Heeler (Australian Shepherd)

The intellect and the energy of the crossbreed cannot be doubted, given the characteristics of their parents.

4. Cattle Shepherd (German Shepherd)

Cattle Shepherds are well-mannered and fantastic family guards. This mix is a recipe for a perfect furry family member, for sure!

5. Dalmatian Heeler (Dalmatian)

Loyal, protective, and affectionate - the Dalmatian Heeler a one-of-a-kind doggie that will melt your heart in a matter of seconds.

6. Blue Tzu Heeler (Shih Tzu)

These pups can be very energetic and strong-willed which is why they need to practice socializing from the first days of their lives.

7. Golden Cattle Dog (Golden Retriever)

This mixed-breed canine is a devoted and loyal family dog that will do everything to make its owners happy.

8. Pit Heeler (Pitbull)

Pit Heelers are energetic dogs that thrive on the companionship of other humans and pooches.

9. Heeler Pei (Shar Pei)

The Heeler-Pei is recognized for being incredibly independent, watchful and mild-mannered towards members of the household.

10. Cattle Collie (Collie)

Because of its perceptive and alert demeanor, the Cattle Collie is an excellent furry buddy.

11. Basset Heeler (Basset Hound)

This cross is a very clever Heeler that needs enough daily training, including physical strength exercises and mental stimulation.