11 Chihuahua Colors You Wish You Knew Before

Black & Tan

What makes a black and tan Chihuahua special is that it often inherits a signature white marking that is located on the chest.

Chocolate & Tan

Inheriting tan sports also known as “kiss markings” above their eyes makes chocolate and tan Chis ultra cute!

Red & White

Red & white Chihuahuas are covered in white markings that are located on the chest, muzzle (white blaze), paws, belly, and legs.


Fawn Chihuahuas come in different shades. Their fawn color can range from a lighter cream-yellow to a darker red-yellow.


Most silver Chis inherit tanned markings above their eyes and white markings across their chest.


Gold & white Chihuahuas have gold base color and big white markings across legs and muzzle.

Black & White

White coat is mostly located across the Chihuahua’s chest, legs, and paws.


White Chis do not have any markings nor patterns and they usually inherit black noses and dark brown eyes.


able Chis have fawn, silver, or chocolate colored hairs with black tips.


Depending on how much the color has been diluted, the blue portion of the Chihuahua’s coat may be dark or lighter.


Brindle Chihuahuas are tiny dogs that proudly show their shiny coat that is covered in brindle tiger stripes.