The Top 11  Shetland Sheepdog  Mixes You Will Adore

1. Sheltidoodle

Sheltiedoodles love to play with their human family members and are always ready to go out on adventures.

2. Shelchon

A sweet-natured Bichon Frise combined with a playful Shetland Sheepdog make the Shelchon an interesting hybrid.

3. Eskland

Alongside high energy levels, the Eskland is an outgoing pup that loves spending time playing with humans and other dogs.

4. Beagle Sheltie

The Beagle Sheltie is an active dog that requires regular leash training and obedience training.

5. Sheltie-Kee

Besides its puffy appearance, the Sheltie-Kee is a wonderful family dog that goes along well with children and other animals.

6. Sheltie Pin

This is an active hybrid dog that loves to run and play. The Sheltie Pin will make everyday memorable!

7. Shelillon

It’s an obedient family dog that loves to show-off its fuzzy coat. Charming, outgoing, and intelligent — that’s Shelillon to you!

8. Sheltie Heeler

The Sheltie Heeler is known for its bubbly personality mixed with a lot of energy.

9. Sheltese

Maltese’s soundness and gentleness mixed with Sheltie’s playfulness give incredible results.

10. Basset Sheltie

The Basset Sheltie makes an interesting combination of a top-notch scent dog and a diligent working dog.

11. Sheltie Inu

A wonderful family dog with a bit of mischief, the Sheltie Inu is a hybrid dog for bold dog owners!